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Default 4k bug info

I'm looking for any info on how to reproduce the 4k .ioFTPD bug. I'm running 5.8.4 which should have it.

I've got a directory of 300ish files and two logins each doing a chmod or chown on all the files while a third login randomly deletes a file or two and enters/leaves the directory. No immediate luck.

Hard to fix it (if it even exists in the sourceforge code) if I can't reproduce it... So let me know under what situations/configurations you've seen the problem. In particular has anyone had a directory corrupted using plain ioFTPD, or does it require a zipscript that is adding/creating files outside of ioFTPD. Do you only notice the problem the next time you start ioFTPD? Did it shut down incorrectly right before that?

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