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The FTP reports all timestamps in GMT/UTC so I'm guessing you're 2 hours off GMT. The REAL question is whether or not the directory timestamp is being updated when the contents of the directory are being changed. The system should update it when a file is created/removed, but will not do so if an existing file is modified... Assuming this happens when the the file is removed I don't see why the server won't go to disk because it invalidates the cache if the timestamp differs. Resolution on NTFS is 100ns which is fast enough that shouldn't be an issue but FAT is 2 seconds which could be the problem.

There are ways to make ioFTPD invalidate cached dirs which is what a script would normally do.

Easiest solution might just be to make your script wait 5 seconds after it sees a file appear assuming you are using FAT and the possible 2 second resolution is the issue... Or have the script update the timestamp on the dir after 5 seconds goes by or something...
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