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Thumbs down I have the same problem as moonster !

I have v6.9.3, but I had also the same problem in older version(s):

My FTP shows two folders: 'Downloads' and 'Watch'. I have uTorrent configured to automatically load any *.torrent files in 'Watch' folder, start downloading data to 'Downloads' and delete *.torrent file from 'Watch'. This is working perfectly, However, If I upload *.torrent file to 'Watch' folder, ioFTPd is still showing me the *.torrent file and also there is no data in 'Downloads'. If I actually look at it in the system (not via FTP), there is data in 'Downloads' and there is nothing in 'Watch' -- and that is correct. Why is ioFTPD not showing real state of files as it is on hard drive???

1, list -al - DOESN'T SHOW IT.
2, It is remote system, running on TrueCrypt, no virtualization.
3, No special characters, no merged directories.
4, Same answer when you restart/reconnect FTP client or use different one (FlashFXP, TotalCmd).
5, Running on WinXP SP3.
6, Restart of ioFTPD helps.

* screenshots removed for showing directory names *

??? As I found out, folder was created on 4/18 at 23:34, but FTP is showing me two hours behind (21:34). Is this the issue? Why is it happening? ???

My configuration:

E:\Program Files\ioFTPD\etc\1.vfs:
"E:\Program Files\ioFTPD\FTP-ROOT-DIR" /
"E:\Downloads" /Downloads
"E:\Watch" /Watch

E:\Program Files\ioFTPD\system\ioFTPD.ini:
Only serious change I did is "Default_Directory_Attributes = 777 0:0"

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