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ioFTPD determines if a cached directory is dirty by examining the directory timestamp. This means that any operation such as adding/deleting a file, etc which updates the directory will force a cache update next time you access it.

In particular, some tools for directory replication also copy the directory timestamp and I suppose this would confuse ioFTPD. Are you using one of these to copy the files around or just explorer? Look at the raw directory timestamp in the FTP listing with a "list -al" and see what the "." entry shows. Is it the same as what explorer is telling you if you view it's properties?

Is this a local filesystem? No virtualization involved?

Also, post your .vfs file and the directory path you are seeing this problem on. I want to make sure it's not a raided/merged directory, or you are cloaking a real directory with a mount point.

Verify that it isn't really the ftp client by restarting the client and seeing if you get the same answer.

What OS are you using?

Just for the record, I can modify a directory by creating, copying, or deleting a file either on that machine or via a networked fileshare and the FTP picks up the change just fine.
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