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Default Seeing this also...

I have tweaked the buffer settings all over the place. It appears that we are getting ~ sec connection time for every file and directory transaction. For the large amounts of small files that means very long delays. Is there some reason why the previous rev would have been immune to different buffer settings, it seems strange that the previous rev doesn't show this at all.

[R] 502 pasv is not implemented.
[R] PORT 192,168,1,100,11,152
[R] 200 Port command ok.
[R] 150 Opening BINARY data connection for F:\data\FILE.WAV
[R] 226 Transfer finished successfully. Data connection closed.
Transferred: FILE.WAV 58 KB in 0.11 seconds (535.4 KB/s)

Not sure if this helps but each file goes through this sequence.

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