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Exclamation FlashFXP and Vista?

Hi all,

Currently I am running Vista and while I have decided to install FlashFXP I am aware of only one problem which I thought I would let the dev team know about. Might be a problem with the config I am running but its all the defaults.

I have installed FFXP with default settings as well and for all users so all the application files and queue's etc are located in c:\program files\flashfxp\

The only problem I have run into at this stage is with the queues. If I connect to a site, queue up a number of files then save the queue, all works ok. The problem is when you load a queue saved under Vista. It doesn't show up with any contents and the file is not listed a 0bytes. If I look at it under notepad etc, it is simply blank.

I would like to know if anyone else can confirm this. I am going to uninstall it and try installing it for the current user to see if saving queue files to the users profile directory makes a difference.

Any thing you need to know please let me know.

FlashFXP v4.0.0, build 1462, registered
OS: Windows 7 x64
Firewall: Linux IPTables
Antivirus: Sophos
Network: xDSL

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