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Default Can FlashFXP do this?

FlashFXP looks like the solution I've been looking for over the past 2 years.

Can it do this?

1. Run as a service, or be launched by the Windows scheduler while no one is logged on to my Windows 2003 server? Basically I want to transfer files from an FTP server to my server automatically without being logged onto my server to do it.

2. Continually sync files from 1 FTP server to my server. As files are updated, FlashFXP will see this and get the updated files, but not download the older files it has already downloaded.

3. Work with HTTP request for files...
Basically get all files in the following web folder:
and transfer them to my server as described in # 1 above.

This looks very promising... I'm ready to purchase if this can be done.
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