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Default problem with movies & zipscript

i am running latest version of ioftpd and iob i have tryd to get my forum name updated but no luck to date. still waiting for response.

My iob has been running great for like 2 days wicked stuff monty then all of a sudden now when i try a release such as a movie i upload the sfv fine it makes the .missing files but as soon as i upload the nfo and try to upload a file the zipscript folder disapears it used to display like this.
[100% Complete]-[51F @ 715.5MB at 4.9MBps]-[imdbinfo - Comedy (0) - 8.1 (27,709 votes)]
now it doesnt create the folder anymore when i upload the nfo.

hope someone can help please.

great work again monty.

p.s. if i dont upload the nfo the zipscript will work and finnish like this
[100% Complete]-[51F @ 715.5MB at 4.9MBps]

but soon as a nfo is added the folder disapears.

i have check all files have a new line at the end of them

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