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Default right click freeze


Actually, no matter which version I use of FlashFXP, there are times that when I have que'd a bunch of files and then right click on them, then transfer, that it begins the tranfer, but the popup stays. When I click on any other application in my taskbar, they start to flash, and I can only select them with ALT TAB switch, and I have to close down Flash and re-start it to get rid of it, otherwise it is no option. With this latest build 867 it even freezes the whole window, i can't move it or whatever, and only the status window where it says what it is doing, is active, the rest is frozen.

winxppro 512mb ram 80gb hd FlashFXP 2.0 rc2 b 867 <- seems to happen more with this latest build (or i just have bad luck)
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