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NEWDATE can't symlink to correct dirs, only remain to yesterday dir. but bot show it right, and nxTools work fine, and only must be restart ioFTPD, it will symlink to correct dirs.
use ioFTPD 6.1.4 and 5.8.5r test it.

bot show these:
<@BOT> [NEWDATE] + /0DAY/2007/0525 was just created in 0DAY ( New 0DAY )
<@BOT> [NEWDATE] + /MP3/2007/0525 was just created in MP3 ( New MP3 )
<@BOT> [NEWDATE] + /MV/2007/week-21 was just created in MV ( New MV )

nxTools.cfg 1.0.5a set to these:
set newdate(Default) {
{0DAY {New 0DAY} {/0DAY/%Y/%m%d} {G:/0day/%Y/%m%d} {D:/ioFTPD/site/today-0day} True 0 0 0 555}
{MP3 {New MP3} {/MP3/%Y/%m%d} {H:/MP3/%Y/%m%d} {D:/ioFTPD/site/today-mp3} True 0 0 0 555}
{MV {New MV} {/MV/%Y/week-%W} {L:/mv/%Y/week-%W} {D:/ioFTPD/site/thisweek-mv} True 0 0 0 555}
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