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Originally Posted by EwarWoo View Post
Nom thats correct. They uploaded 47.7mb so 47.7mb is removed from teh stats, however it was uploaded to a 1:3 ratio section and it's a 1x nuke so they lose 1x the credits they gained, 143.1 (47.7 x 3).

That's how nuking works.

No it does not. it only takes the sample size a nuke that one.
It dosen´t count the whole release.

This only happends from time to time thou, not always, and shouldent the nuke size be a little bigger if you check the size and files? if it worked
Files : 93F Size: 4.22GB CDs: 0
I know how the nuke works, but this script messes it up.
So some sort of bug in the script.
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