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Originally Posted by helenoksen
ok thanks but isnt there someone from the inicom dev team that could explain these more thouroughly?
I am the only one working on ioFTPD, so I am from "the dev team".

Originally Posted by helenoksen
or is there nothing else documented except for that thread by d1?
That post by darkone thoroughly describes the thread configuration options. The socket buffer options are pretty self-explanatory (if you don't know what they are, you probably shouldn't be changing them in the first place). Apart from those options, nothing else will have substantial impact on the performance of ioFTPD.

Originally Posted by helenoksen
otherwise whats the point of having them there if noone knows how to use them?
Just because you don't understand some things, don't assume no one understands them. There are plenty of experienced ioFTPD users who understand them very well.
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