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Default Problems with Transferring a dir from a Saved Queue file (FXP)


I was having this "strange" problem:

I drag-dropped a dir from a site to another site, not transfer, just in the queue.
Then I saved the queue to a file, because i got interrupted. (The queue file just contained 1 line, the line containing the dir name , site from/to and size)

Then I restarted my box after a few hours , and did from a command prompt:

"C:\Program Files\FlashFXP\FlashFXP" C:\resume.fqf

FlashFXP launched and it loaded the queue file, it logged in to both sites and then this happened.

It changed dir on the source site to the source dir.
It created the dir specified in the queue on the targed site.
It changed dir on the target site to the just created dir,
and then it just quitted.

It didn't transfer a single file from the source, just created the dir and stopped.
I've did this once with a very old version (1.2.475) but the 1.4.800 doesn't seem to like it.

Greetz, Paulum.
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