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Default Strange error

Hi Addict,

when trying to login using ioGUI and winsslwrap I get this message

8:32:23 PM 220 WinSSLWrap FTP proxy server by HoE...
8:32:23 PM > USER System@XX.XX.XX.XX:13384@XX.XX.XX.XX:666
8:33:23 PM 530- 220 WinSSLWrap FTP proxy server by HoE...
8:33:23 PM 530- COMMAND >AUTH TLS
8:33:23 PM 530- 530 Not logged in.
8:33:23 PM 530- COMMAND >USER System@
8:33:23 PM 530- 530 Error getting welcome message...
8:33:23 PM 530 USER command rejected...

Any idea how to solve this.. when I use a ftp client I can login with the same account with no problems whatsoever.


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