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Post Hardcoded font colour prevents non standard Windows colour theme.

Version: 3.4 RC3, registered. On XP Pro Eng.

I'm one of those quirky users who uses a non-default colour theme in Windows. Usually not a problem, but sometimes a program comes along that either hardcode the text colour or get the wrong one (Like ACDSEE <= 7.0 that used 3dbuttontext in the menu). This is sort of equivalent to writing a webpage and only setting the background colour and not the font colour. works fine if you take for granted the background is white.

Problem: White text on white background during installation. I tried attaching a screenshot but the board told me I do not have privilegies to access that page.

Now, I've had this problem with other programs like for instance Canon's camera software that is partially self-skinning and rather poorly at that, and ACDSEE until version 8. Usually people don't listen because users of skinning programs tend to get frowned upon and the skinning program get blamed since that is the easy way not having to fix a bug just affecting a very small user base. Well, I know it isn't the skinning programs fault, I can load just the same colour theme without the skinning bits and get the same result. Sadly enough it took me the sheer luck of knowing one of the developers of ACDSEE to get them to acknowledge the bug and fix it. Now, who here wants to become my friend?

Oh and also, the swedish in the installer is pretty bad, I counted to at least five misspellings and two odd phrases. Send me a translation file and I'll fix it. (The language in the actual program is fine).

To replicate the problem, try using Windowblinds and the theme Blackcomb that comes with it. I can also e-mail a screenshot upon request.

Edit: Inserted screenshot.
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