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Unhappy ZR-Tools --> zip I/O errorError: Cleaning files in archive returned error: 15

Hi i got a little problem... im running ZR-Tools on ioFTPD for a while... and now i reinstalled the system... i backupped all settings of io and so on... now everything works fine again, except ZR-Tools. On the first zip-file i upload i always geht this error message:

[L] 226- Processing file...
[L] 226-zip I/O errorError: Cleaning files in archive returned error: 15
[L] 226- Deleted: XX.nfo
[L] 226- Extracted: some.nfo
[L] 226- Benchmark: 625ms

some.nfo is extracted as ZR-Tools reports. XX.nfo is NOT deleted... and at least i got a file called zia03860 (every zip which didnt work has one of this files, 4sure different names) exact the same size as first zip-file was. this file isnt deletable too.. i get:

[L] DELE zia03860
[L] 550 zia03860: Invalid filename.

other zips from this dir are processed just fine. so my question is what could i have missed? i tested on ioFTPD 5.8.7r & 5.8.6r and of course i read all my config files twice.. but now i dont know where to look...

so plz help me

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