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Question Locked dirs..

i was browsing your forum, as i Am looking for an ftp client.

I am curious why your firm does not implement the changes he suggested..

There was a big push to tell him to use raw commands or use someone elses application (which now is a dead link)

Normally companies like to add features.

We resell websites and if one of our clients has "warez" on his space, WE are the ones who get the problem and can lose our reseller spaces and account.

I know from many forums specializing in ReSold webspace and hosting services threads... that this is a big problem

So why is the reluctance to have this feature available in your FTP client ?

obviously the hackers can create these so called "locked dirs",yet no ftp client can browse them.

Using RAW commands is both tedious and not well known to many people.

Thus if it is so easy for you to understand the mechanics of that program mentioned in that thread, why can it not be implemented ?

thanks for your time in hearing me out.

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