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Default dszbot, ioa and pre announcing

i use ioa to pre dirs but dszbot doesn't spam in chan new pre..

!pres command, to see last pre dirs, works, but when i do site pre <section> <release> and the command is succesfull, nothing happens in channel

these are my settings in ioA:

Pre_Area_0			= "mp3|Some MP3 shit|j:\MP3\%M%D|/MP3/%M%D|0"
Pre_Group_0			= "ioftpd|MP3|/PRE/ioftpd|0|0|ufo"
Pre_Order			= 0
Pre_Log = ""%user" "%group" "%type" "%vfs" "%desc" "%.2mb" "%.0files" "%release" "%genre" "%kbit" "%year""
Pre_Touch_Owner			= 1
Pre_Give_Credits_To_Uploaders	= 1
Pre_Give_Credits_To_Predude	= 1
#Pre_Run_Script = "C:\ioFTPD\scripts\ioBanana.exe imdbpre"
Pre_Run_Script = ""
Pre_File_Filter_0 		= "*.ioFTPD*"
Pre_Skip_Messagefile		= 1
Pre_Stats_File			= "c:\ioFTPD\logs\pre_stats.log"
and my dszbot settings:
set disable(PRE)			0
set variables(PRE)			"%pf %user %group %files %mbytes %type %desc %ufo"
#set variables(PRE)			"%user %group %type %pf %desc %mbytes %files %ufo"
set announce(PRE)			"\[%color11%section%color\] -> %color4%bold%group-PRE%bold%color gives us %color4%release%color (%bold%mbytes%boldM in %bold%files%boldF) in %bold%path%bold"
set announce(PREMP3)		"\[%color11%section%color\] -> %bold%user%bold launches new %bold%group-PRE%bold called %release (%bold%mbytes%boldM in %bold%files%boldF - %bold%genre%bold - %bold%kbit%boldkbits - %bold%year%bold) in %bold%path%bold"
what's the problem??
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