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.nfo files, rofl. nm.

Anyway, I noticed this too, and I assumed it was a one time occurance, but it just happened again. This time on a 3 mb file. It looked like it was transferring, but when i logged in with another instance, i saw the file was already 100% there. I just quit the first client. When it happens again, I will make a screenshot of the status window and post it.

What happened with 1.x evaluation with multiple instances was; that when I load a few, and sometimes am a bit quick with the right-click transfer, it seems like it is hanging on the popup. When I then try to switch between programs on the task bar it starts to flash, and I have to use Alt-TAB to switch between programs. I thought this was fixed in 2.x but it happened today too. So I guess it might be worth mentioning.

I am sorry, my english isn't my first language and I am trying to explain as best as I can, and showing it in a screenshot is hard, because it needs animation.

It isn't only the flashfxp proggy that starts to flash when i click on it to focus in front of me, it happens then to all the progs, and its flashfxp that is causing it.
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