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Default Portscan?


I just purchased FlashFXP and received the key in the e-mail. Everything is 100% fine. What I was wondering about. From the system where we purchased it, we received a portscan from (dns) - ( First slowly around 1080 then a complete sweep. Our netstat showed this. When we wanted to log it, the connections already timed out. We wrote the IP down and did a nslookup on our server. Why did our system get a portscan? I think this isn't really nice and I didn't read anywhere that this would be done upon purchase, and I also see no reason for this. I hope to get an explanation soon.

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The purchase went great, simple and clean. Everything was done within a few hours and I am using it to upload and download the files from my web servers. Syncking them with site2site seems to be going very good.
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