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Default Multiple Proxy support. Select wich proxy shuld be used to connect to a site.

Hi developer team. I'm very ipressed about the flashfxp new features. It becomes better and better and that's good. Now i wanna spread some suggestions and we will see if u r interested on it.

First of all, i work for a big company and we got some proxys to xxs to the internet. Some times some maschines run off and the proxy isn't aviable so it would be nice a featur that switches automatically from one proxy to another proxy from the list. That's useful too for people (like me) who are interested tu use anoymous proxys to protect their privacy... Theorically it's simple to create a Proxy manager like the site manager. And a feature that allows the user to "select" on the site manager wich proxy he want to connect to each site.

Another interesting feature ist to save configuration, sites.dat, stats.dat, skiplist etc etc from each version to the next. Because most of the times most of the time inverted on the program after install a new version is to reconfigure all features and import the sites.dat and "import" the skiplist or the stats.dat.
If the program would be able to generate a configuration file with all users preferences and the user only must import this configuration file and configure the new features...
Or allow to import all configuratios from the older flashfxp version (configs, stats, sites, skiplist, proxyx list (in the future ) ...)

I got some more ideas but i'll guard them for the future. Let me know what u think about thiz suggestions and let me know too if u don't understan some of my ideas or u knows...

Best from .no
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