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Default FXP Text Smooshing Problem

FlashFXP: v3.3.5, build 1110 Beta Release
Running behind NAT/router: I have a router, if that's what this means, haha. It's a Linksys.
Running firewall: Dunno.
Running Antivirus: Yes.
Network: Cable
FTP server(s): Have no idea.

I posted a problem about not being able to connect to FTP some time ago.. well somehow it finally started working and I didn't even do anything.

Anyway I was making backups of my site, and I opened up a .html file in notepad. Flash FXP had smooshed all the text together into one big huge block without line breaks.

It's really hard to edit this way and I was wondering if there was any way to stop FXP from doing this. =(

For example, it would take this:

a href=

a href=

And turn it into this:

a href= target=new a href= target=new

I hope that makes sense.

Thanks for any help in advance. =(
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