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triple checked password is correct, logged in from different machine Made sure no other computer logged in when I attempted to log in. I checked firewall setting in winxp and though disabled it shows flashfxp as an exception. I also disabled mcafee antivirus and still cannot log in.

This morning, the error was different (first time I have seen this):
[R] Connecting to -> IP= PORT=21
[R] Connection failed (10055: No buffer space available)

Rebooted the laptop:
Back to the previous error where it gets hung at the password.

Comparing the pc's that work to the one that does not:
- non working one has checkpoint vpn software installed - haven't tried disabling yet since I need it to connect to work
- non working one has Odessy running the wireless card, I disabled and had winxp take over - still have the problem
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