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Default Cannot Connect on Home Network, but other PC's are ok

Hello everyone,
Here is my setup
* FlashFXP v[3].[2], build [1080], [x]registered, [ ]unregistered, [ ]pirated
* OS [x] WinXP, [ ] Win2K, [ ] Win98, [ ] WinME, [ ] Other
* Running behind NAT/router [x] Yes & Model [Linksys WRT54GS], [ ] No, [ ] Not sure
* Running firewall [ ] Yes, Name [ ], Ver. [ ], or [x] No -- Windows XP firewall turned off
* Running Antivirus [x] Yes, Name [McAfee] or [ ] No
* Network [ ] xDSL, [x] CABLE, [ ] Dail-Up, [ ] Other

I cannot ftp to an IP address from one single laptop that other PC's in my house can access with no issue (other ones are running flashfxp too, same version and build). When I hit connect, it seems to recognize the username, but will not accept the password. I thought it was a wireless issue, but my other laptop has no problem. I have reinstalled the software and tried to match my problem laptop setup with the one that works. Nothing seems different.
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