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Originally posted by jayhawk
it was working fine- i don't believe i've made any changes specifically that would harm the installation.

I have the trial version running fine on my box at work which is also running windows xp-

I don't think it is specific to xp - but i would think uninstalling- reinstalling or moving a working copy from another location would work
All my current reports appear to be WinXP specific, which is why I am asuming that. Perhaps sometime down the road that may change.

Let me be a bit more clear.

The error is generated when FlashFXP attempts to make a copy of the windows explorer image list (shell icons) so it can display the icons within FlashFXP, somewhere along the way it errors.

The error as we know it is 'Icon image is not valid' which would lead me to believe the user was using a non-standard icon size which results in an error, however when I changed my settings to use some other size it did not result in an error.

Maybe it has to do with icons w/ alpha channels. I don't know.

There are no setting in FlashFXP that will solve the error, No matter where you have FlashFXP installed it will still error because the FlashFXP settings are not causing the error. The error is being caused by a windows XP setting.

most information will be posted when it becomes available.
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