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I got exactly the same error (also on XP). FlashFXP hangs so bad, that it won't even react to exit-messages.

The strange thing is, that it works perfectly on my other XP machine....

I tried Compitability mode and an older Version of FlashFXP....all the same.

Errors from Status Window:
An internal error has occurred.
Icon image is not valid
WinSock 2.0
An internal error has occurred.
Access violation at address 0050628D in module 'FlashFXP.exe'. Read of address 00000002

Contents of errorlog.txt are the same as above with micro. Microsoft always wants a copy of FlashFXP, when it hard aborts *g


PS: Just tried beta v1.4 build 810 - same error
PPS: Debug.out is on its way - thanks for the quick support!
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