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Such dll's do NOT exist for many other programs, you are simply comparing to ultrafxp/rushfxp, which infact has a dll, written by the authors, specifically for interation/control from mirc.

Personally i dont think any developer should waste there time making such a specific dll that would be used almost certainly only by warez auto-traders sitting in pre/site channels.

However, as mentioned before, scriptability would be great. And perhaps as part of that the ability to comunicate (simply send a message) with a dde server would be more than sufficient for you to write your own scripts.

For now, you could always use windows scripting (through com objects in mirc) to interact with flashfxp, if you have the knowhow or willingness to learn. Not the fastest, nor the best solution but probably the closest thing to using a dll. However it does require similar knowledge to that which would be required for you to write the dll yourself.
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