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Default suggestion

When I switch from status to Error/Transfer window I can see only such strings:
[06:59:25] Transfer Failed: /incoming/members/copland/M_Prinz_-_Jack_Crack-Vinyl-2002-tronik/01_m_prinz_-_jack_crack-tronik.mp3
[06:59:47] Transfer Failed: /incoming/members/copland/M_Prinz_-_Jack_Crack-Vinyl-2002-tronik/02_m_prinz_-_gruwielischas-tronik.mp3

It doesn't actually shows why transfer was failed... I suggest to include two preceding strings (before the error string):
[06:59:14] STOR 01_m_prinz_-_jack_crack-tronik.mp3
[06:59:19] 553- 01_m_prinz_-_jack_crack-tronik.mp3: This file looks like a dupe!!
[06:59:25] 553 It was uploaded by subtech (18d 9h ago).
[06:59:25] Transfer Failed!

Hope this would help.
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