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Default problems with bind option


I'm new to ioftpd but i really want to make this work.

The problem is as follows:

My PC is part of a lan, and the lan is part of a WAN, and the lan has dsl internet connection.

My pc has one network card, with 2 ips.

Lets say one ip, and the other ip. (in one network card).

The first ip is the WAN ip, so other users 10.1.x.x can see me, and the second ip is a tunnel ip, so through that i connect to the internet (another pc in my lan has the dsl connections, and spreads it with nat).

So the broblem is this:

My FTP server should be accessible in theses three ways:

1. From pc's in my lan ( 10.55.1.x ) these pc's should see me as
2. From pc's in my wan (10.1.x.x ) these pc's should see me as
3. From pc's around the world (x.x.x.x) through internet ! These pc's should see my with my internet ip

I would be happy if case 2 and 3 could be done, case 1 is not that important to me. (since all lan pc's also have wan ip's, so thay can access me through the 2nd way.

ps. the server must of course be on the same port (21) for everyone.

Please help my setting this thing up!

[ in gene6 ftp i was using till now, i didn't have to worry about anything like that, it found the right bind address automatically in some way ]

I tried host and bind and dind't work

Thank you and sorry for the long post
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