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1) I know CuteFTP has it, that's where I got the idea from. They didn't put it in for nothing I think this can be very easy to code and I do think it can be helpfull but anyway this is not so important I admit.
Using random commands does not help, In fact the majority of ftp servers the only thing that will keep you from timing out is by opening a data connection (i.e. LIST)

2) I think it could be nice if the flashfxp tray icon could flash or something if something important happens (can be defined by the user) I can for example give from my personal experience that sometimes I need to wait a whole long time till I get connected but then I get disconnected for being idle, instead of checking every few minutes if I got in or not it could be nice if it could flash when a connected is made.
This has been considered, it was decided that we were going to change the icon apparence but I'm not sure what happened. We were to decide apon which icon states would be displayed, we also needed someone to create the icons.

Perhaps it was lost on the old board?

3) I don't think the Quick Connect should be disabled while I am connected to a site or trying to connect, if I want to just connect to someother site why do I need to hit stop/disconnect or whatever? I think it could be much better if the program would do it automaticlly.
If FlashFXP is busy executing a command, there is no possible way for it to stop, disconnect, and then connect to a new site.
Because things are event based each event must complete before the new connection can take place. We have tried this in the past and FlashFXP explodes, oddly enough in some causes it actually rebooted the OS. umm maybe I shouldn't say that. heh.

4) The delay on startup but maybe thats just me.
What delay? and how long?
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