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Few things.

1) I don't know if it's only me or not but when I open FlashFXP it takes a few seconds to load. Is this a planned delay, is the program loading (find it hard to belive since photoshop loads faster on my computer ;/).. ?

2) I don't think the Quick Connect should be disabled while I am connected to a site or trying to connect, if I want to just connect to someother site why do I need to hit stop/disconnect or whatever? I think it could be much better if the program would do it automaticlly.

3) Make Quick Connect remember the last info you entered. For example if I miss typed the username I click stop and then F8 but poof all the information is gone.

4) History for the quick connect.

5) When I want to save que can the default be the last place I saved it?

Thanks =]
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