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In the Options > Preferences > Porxy / Firewall / Ident >
There is a check mark box for "Send noops during transfer"

This option is very usefull for me behind NAT/MASQurading firewall that will close sessions if they sit idle for to long.

What happens is during long transfers over 10 minutes my control session is closed by the firewall (due to being idle while the DATA transfer is in session) and when the file completes I am unable to get a completed file message from the server so the client will continue to sit there until it times out and then reconnect to the sever.... transfering 40 20MB files will require me to connect to the server 40 times unless I have the "Send noop during transfer" enabled. There is a problem though.. The noops are sent every 60 seconds or so and some servers will kill my transfer if there is to much chatter on the CONTROL session while a transfer is active. So I think if the _INTERVAL_ between "noop during transfers" was user setable I would be able to set it for 10 minutes (like Bulletproof FTP BTW) and would not have that problem.. (like Bulletproof FTP BTW)

Hope that is a little more clear.. I have sent emails to support@flashfxp.. and I was told it would be added in the next update, so I asked here.. to remind bigstar incase he forgot.

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