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Default My Computer - "User's Documents"

* FlashFXP v3.3.4 build 1108 BETA - Registered
* OS: Windows XP Professional
* Running behind NAT/router: Yes, D-Link DI-604
* Running firewall: No
* Running Antivirus: Yes, Kaspersky.
* Network: DSL

If you open "My Computer" using explorer, it looks like this:
All user's documents have their name, ex: Logan's Documents, Denise's Documents, and Shared Documents.


BUT, in FlashFXP when you are viewing "My Computer" it looks like this:
Shared Documents show as just "Documents", and each of the user's documents show as both "My Documents":


FlashFXP should be showing the user's documents as they are shown in explorer, with the user's name there instead of "My", also for shared documents have it say shared documents instead of just documents.
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