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Default Re: flashfxp stats script

Originally posted by Nickman
i wrote a small script to show flashfxp stats in mirc, if you want an explanation of this code you can pmsg me or something.. just change the variable for the location of your stats file... (fyi: it only shows the stats of sites that are in the stats manager)

alias flashfxp {
set %fxpfile C:\Program Files\FlashFXP\stats.dat
var %fxpdate $readini " $+ %`fxpfile $+ " #Total# LR
var %fxpup $readini " $+ %`fxpfile $+ " #total# FU
var %fxpdown $readini " $+ %`fxpfile $+ " #total# FD
var %fxp $readini " $+ %`fxpfile $+ " #total# X
say FlashFXP Stats Since $asctime($calc(($left(%fxpdate,5) - 25569) * 86400),mm.dd.yyyy) $+ : FXP: $bytes(%fxp).suf Download: $bytes(%fxpdown).suf Upload: $bytes(%fxpup).suf
It doesn't work.
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