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I have correctly initialized and used group, user and variable modules, but on user module and group module , the only function wich work over the internal ioftpd routine, is the function pointed from lpUserModule->Create and lpGroupModule->Create in LPUSER_MODULE and LPGROUP_MODULE structure; for example this funcs now output a debug string or put a message in a log with no problems. I don't find any way of overwrite the internal ioftpd user/group routines for open,write,read,rename,delete users/group.
The modules is initialized correctly, on initialize put a message in ioFTPD.log.....
I have ask to panic and neoxed but , yours tips do not resolve my Problem (very thanks for support). I use ioftpd 5.8.7r and lastest sources headers included with 5.8.0r. (I have tried with other oldest version but no changes).

I have exported UserModuleInit/GroupModuleInit and filled LPUSER_MODULE and LPGROUP_MODULE , in tszModuleName,DeInitialize,Create,Delete,Rename,Lo ck,Write,Open,Close,Unlock; basically all functions write only a debug log when called, but only the function pointed to lpModule->Create, print this debug log; all other functions works as the user/group module not exist.

I'm wait any tips! Very thanks to anyone can help me.
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