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well, i'm feeling w00t.

i finally got ioFTPD compiling again here at inicom. previously, everything was just running off my home computer, and well, i've not been spending that much time at home.

when i first started working with ioftpd, i inherited an incomplete build environment. it took me a while to figure out what i needed to do to get the program to compile. alas, i did not take very good notes, and when i came time to set that environment up again, i basically was starting over.

this time, i've got the machines, the wiki, and the support to actually document what i did and make the process repeatable. i've spend the last several days having more than one "ah ha! i remember how i did that!" moments as i remember what to do about these error messages that i *know* i've seen.

while doing this, i updated both tcl and php to the latest versions. i'm also using visual studio 8 now, which involved all sorts of tweaks to the code. mmm progress.

with any luck, my next update will actually be about what i'm doing *to* ioftpd, instead of what i'm doing *with* ioftpd.

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