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Wink Features to add


I found a couple of things that would make it faster and easier to use FlashFXP if they were added.

1: In the commands, it would be very nice to have all the glftpd commands already there so all people don't have to add them manually. At least the 20 most used, i.e. site addip %d, site change %d, site adduser %, site gadduser %d, site msg %d, site msg read...

2: It would be nice to display the total bytes in the current local folder just like it does remotely and not only the free bytes if you have the cursor on the ..(parent dir). As it is now you have to mark all files to see how much you are going to upload. An extra feature would be to display the number of bytes in marked folders as well in the local mode, e.g. if you know that the site you want to upload to has 2gb free space and you want to upload a couple of folders up to 2gb. If you marked 4 of them and it displayed the bytes then you would see it directly if it would fit. Like it is now you have to do the explorer thing with properties on the folders to see how much they contain.

3: Another thing that I saw that might be a bug is that if I create a file in a local folder during an upload of other files in this folder, e.g. an extra ReadMe.txt that I forgot about, then it shows as 0 bytes the first time. Then I edit it and save it. It is now 2kb. I right click it and select queue for it to upload after the other files. When I check this file in the queue-list it now says 0 bytes, which is incorrect. Shouldn't it do a control on the size when you queue the files, not only before?

4: Another security thing that could be nice to have is the ability to be able to PGP-encrypt /decrypt files when uploading/downloading. E.g. I have a customer that always want PGP encrypted files. When I have new textfiles, I always PGP encrypt them and then transfer them. There is some programmatic access to the PGP-freeware that could be used for this, but it would require to set the settings in the site bookmark

Thanks for the best FTP/FXP program! Nice that you added SSL support as well.

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