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i understand its kinda hard for you to understand why its like that, but thats how they did it over the Middle east.. anyway, for example lets take the word "No!" , in Hebrew it should be:

(RTL) if you want it to be correct.

also if u will write it without making the RTL layout it would be (not correct)

see the different? the first one is the correct, the second one is its like you having the word !no in english and thats wrong right? this is one thing which is the text align.. the other thing is the revresed interface, this image will tell u everything;

thats how it is in LTR (what you got right now):
Left To Right

now see it at RTL (i edited the photo by images editor, i was lazy making everything but u can get the idea):
Right To Left

The second one is the correct one

the Arabic translation u showed me is incorrect, same as Hebrew, everything should be reversed.. also our and the Arabs windows OS is revesred as well, so if u get a translation for a software it would be a bit useless to have it all in LTR.

try to imagine urself using FlashFXP in RTL and with using the English version

so, my point is that its a very major problem, also would u mind telling me in which script language exactly FlashFXP wrote in? so i could ask some guys from our team and Hebrew Dev forums which know more about it.

thanks for trying to solve this problem, Tom.
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