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Originally posted by EsKi
Good choice, vBulletin is definitely the best message board system out there. The only real problem with it is that it is not free (and it should be). But there is no comparison to it and other message board systems, it is far superior ..
The choice was wise to move from any board to vBulletin. My personal experience with it is '' great ''.

It shouldn't be free. The price for a commercial products is pretty low. This money gives you not only professional support but also the assurance that they will keep continueing their support and development on their product. I would almost never pay for some .php code, but this software package has proven to be the right choice. I was happy to see this site uses it too.

About the spy code, this is not meant as a spy code, and Jelsoft has replied to this officially already. They do not have to reply to each post made. This is why their forum has a nice search feature
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