[UTF8/MIXED] [Options] NAME=English VER=2 REV=1552 DATE=42016.968125 AUTH= [Strings] 00728AFF=&Raw Command Line 007B89FA=Folder List 007E63F4=Enqueue 00BC6957=Please enter your registration data in the box below. 01286421=Username 01520137=&Help 01940FD6=General 01955FFF=Summary 01DD4B6C=Case-Sensitive 02087A6B=Temporary Queue File 021E781E=Auto size file list columns 021EE791=All files are transferred according to the priority list. If the file doesn't match it is transferred after in the original list order. 0236F2A4=Synchronization 027D69EA=Last Result 027EF10C=Text &Editor 02848491=Connect retry count 02A8E4E6=Release Type 02CBA55D=Files and folders 030CAF43=Socket operation on non-socket 0355373D=All 03559C93=is not yet valid. 0379A8DF=Verifying registration 03CF43CB=Queue Time Remaining 03EECE5A=Total 043BE4F1=Filename Case Conversion 043C6BA5=Total Connections 044A8A32=Hang up Internet Connection 0477761F=&Replace 04E3D2C7=%s mode failed, trying %s mode. 04E4079F=Language Name 04EE4FF3=Invalid syntax format 050BE2DD=Error Number 050E8E0F=Auto check for update, every 05285B66=Logging 054524C2=There is already a file with the same name in this location. 05990F11=Enter password to lock 05C2510F=Default file viewer 05D1DBC1=KB to Rollback on resumed downloads 060F7681=The certificate is valid 0620A1E8=Time Elapsed 062D40C9=This copy of FlashFXP is licensed to: 06503BAE=Either the connection to this host is being established for the first time or the host key was never saved. There is no guarantee that the server is the computer you think it is. 06563C45=Randomly select a background on startup 0671F386=File &Extension 06C55BD3=Issued By 06EBF8F0=Open Site Manager on Startup 06EDD0BF=Move to &bottom 07006042=&Anonymous 070BE925=(none) 07202689=Compare Folder Content 072DA2F1=Moved 073E2CF8=%s Selected 074195F3=Send 07560DA3=E-Mail 075B9323=Retrieve New License Key 076DA1FA=of 07C84C46=THEN 07F59B6D=and 081FD543=Disable hint window 08201B2B=Confirm Password 0869A246=&Online Services 0888A1E1=Transfer Error 0899B645=Server Address 08EB901F=Disk Space Used 08F2F449=&New 09285C85=Sound Events 09D41E74=Requesting IP Lookup from 09E7171E=From Site name (FXP mode) 0A005054=Remote file edit in progress 0A42A730=Accept && Save 0A4E0F1E=Release Notes 0A8B28A4=Transfer &Mode 0AAC9844=Date 0ABBF603=The queue file does not change. 0B246085=Group folders on top 0B358232=Session status window line limit 0BD3A3A1=Stable 0C0C4F2E=General SOCKS server failure 0C2A4F38=Mark As Failed 0CD991C2=If you close FlashFXP, your changes will be lost. 0D1A0659=Double Click 0D2831F4=Select &All 0D5687A9=Prompt to select download location 0D96874D=Successful WSAStartup not yet performed 0DEC7AAE=Resolving DNS 0E1E9590=Restore Settings 0E40133E=Save Selection 0EA1C978=Owner 0EC8A498=Thank you very much for registering FlashFXP! 0F01237E=Registration Failed (#%d) Please Contact our help desk at %s 0F075BC2=Folder Cache 0F22C046=The common name on the certificate, "%s" is invalid or does not match the server name, "%s". 0F4EE49B=%s Files 0F8D551A=Remove empty folder on upload failure 0F9B8665=WARNING - POTENTIAL SECURITY ISSUE! 0F9C51FE=Proxy login 0FB96403=Schedule Running 0FCDFE8C=General SOCKS error 0FEAA2AB=Save Folder As 0FEF795A=Only during transfer 1011E329=Upload 1013C1D5=Date / Time 103BE249=Socket is already connected 10A1D814=Organization Unit 10A8E0CD=file exists 10DBBEC4=manual 10E017C1=Data folder 10FAEC45=Use last working folder 10FC6F42=Calculating 1158BC55=Searching 1163306E=Interpret ; as raw command delimiter 1165CFAE=Browse for Site 11884194=&Commands 11B82087=Incomplete or Invalid Registration Key 11C5BC85=Connection failed 120C2B1C=User/Pass Not Accepted 12A19650=File Deleted 12B0B60D=Ascending 12B55FD4=Legacy Prompt 12F00FCC=All Strings 136127AD=Attempting alternative method 1367DBD8=Enter Parameters 136D24C3=Match &case 13E6FC51=Direct (FXP) 13F11BA3=Off 14240247=Select Default Download Folder 145985A8=Calculate Server Space Used Complete 1498CDA4=Invalid %s 14AA80AB=Path does not exist 14B8160D=FlashFXP will now restart to verify the registration key. 14DB349E=Skipped 14E00B1C=Are you sure you want to delete the "%s" group? 14E0D86B=Encryption 14E7B468=Update available 15D0DDF2=Remove from history 15EB4D07=Main Buttons 15EB5A80=&Import Sites 16569EB7=Use the following custom IP address 166F9C3E=Toolbar Theme 16BB6DD4=On transfer error 16F51766=Setting transfer mode 16F685A5=&Yes 16FBAAF8=Delete files/folders 17050DD6=SFTP Connection Ready 1705C3ED=This certificate is invalid. 172006D4=Unable to import language file 1726E434=&Select a Group 172A4B8C=Max Value 1733B9BB=A&uto-Saves 1750F3F4=Enter Selection Mask 178F97DF=Wednesday 17B9ECF4=Unable to Create Directory 17C66F7A=Wake the computer to run this task 180D73C1=&between 1829E0F2=&Queue 18E6CE3E=Expand Folder 18EC0266=attempt 19280E4E=From 1964B988=Stop 19BBB6AD=Connection Type 1A21B950=&Import 1A25A210=never 1A59408A=File &Associations 1AD68B25=Proxy Server 1B0CDEC8=Network Error 1B6469BC=Only search within folders matching date range 1B87AAFE=A file named "%s" already exists, overwrite it? 1B95ADD8=FlashFXP Password 1B9CBA9B=Connection failed, Try again? 1BE4BA55=will now log off your computer. 1BE7C827=newer 1C33C293=Settings 1C4440BE=Mail Server 1C463EEF=Directory Deleted 1C5E079E=Horizontal 1C785F9D=Please consider purchasing this software. 1C933A72=Uppercase 1CE05628=Speed Format 1CFBBA6D=No valid triggers 1D100A28=Queue file 1D197A79=Error Loading "%s" Language File 1D356C67=Total Size 1D4502DB=Create New Group 1D516B11=Queue type 1D6130C3=Exclamation 1D88EC04=Use existing rules 1DB6D85E=Started at 1EB9B61F=Reset all File Exists Options to default? 1EFF74F9=Display skip items in 1F03E048=Request file size/date prior to transfer 1F1A625A=Main 1F2EE984=Mark/Unmark 1F317D3A=will now log you off the connected site(s). 1F4A4235=&Update 1F7074C0=These files are read-only or your Windows user account does not have sufficient permissions to modify the files in the FlashFXP data folder 1F88C31B=Options 1F9D5E54=Stop on 1FF9EC48=Session 20046587=Selective &Transfer 20171514=Address type not supported 20202B88=Exit during transfer 205806AC=Febuary 2079D82C=Stop sending Keep Alives after 20B0890D=Display restore queue dialog on startup 20C3E0A1=Move Selected Object(s)? 21077124=Edit 2145A484=Custom Commands 21656A82=Open source folder 217545F5=Your trial period has expired. 21E7F1C8=You are about to navigate outside of the synchronized root folder. 2220D1DA=Languages 2252DE32=Ident Request: %s - UserID: %s 2268ECB2=Check for free space before download 229045FD=Please enter a common name to reference the key pair. 22B52199=Public Key 22C75216=Application 2302FCD9=Continuously 2303B355=Remember last used site in Site Manager 2389D759=File Browser 238A96FC=October 239CF258=Files && Folders 23A08965=Tuesday 240688BF=Create a custom file association to override the system default. 24335DBE=Start in 2445FAE0=Rule %d has priority, to use this rule, use arrow buttons to change priority of the selected rule. 2470DE02=Clear 248677AF=Deleted 24AD0EDA=Small Icons 24C182D6=Force custom IP address in active mode 24E884B5=Release Date 25176A10=Goto Line 2518FF04=Monthly 257598A7=Transfer Filename 259172CB=Use Server Time 25BF4CFF=Parent Directory 26131F62=Site List 26296DD2=Normal 264E0555=Copy URL - Mapping 26854F5C=Site &Name 2694592A=Top 26CBE753=&Invert Selection 26EC3E6F=&Run Update 26EC61F2=New server host key 26F08C59=Cannot create file %s 2719D278=Current Version 2727649D=Timestamp 275679AB=Cipher 276A3DEA=Confirmation Needed 27752249=Select Destination Folder 280DA59A=Has not run 283A8BF7=Auto upload on change 283F00F7=if supported 28449ED3=On &Transfer Complete 28BF7C52=Host key algorithm 28E760BE=Display results in a edit window 29095290=Taskbar Caption 2996B004=Selective Transfer Rule Set 2A3E1EE1=Renaming file 2A48DB98=Unable to Delete 2A703E51=Successful 2A8059B8=Sending 2AA00A40=empty folder 2AA862F3=Transfer Queue 2AFF02FF=will now hang up your internet connection. 2B1AF52A=Remaining 2B28C56F=Connect to server now? 2B3A844B=MACs 2B64A0CF=View File 2B980A8D=File access is denied. You do not have permission required to access the file 2C1215AB=New Group 2C5ABC07=Windows 2CAD992E=File 2CB2EEE3=Exec on %s 2CCE0906=LiveUpdate is finding out which updates are available. 2CD3B986=&Load 2CD5D1C1=Add Bookmark 2CE33943=Default 2CECF817=Type 2D3A0E53=Auto size queue list columns 2D696A86=Making directory 2D7434B2=Delaying for %d seconds before reconnect attempt #%d 2DA17977=User 2DAD13E3=Language 2DF566E9=Save Path 2DFA015E=Use smart mode handling when Auto is selected 2EA8A019=Monitor 2EAB15F7=equal 2EB0FAD7=Save As 2F02AD7C=Secure Site to Site Transfers 2F22D4CB=Customer Portal 2F339674=Right Folder Tree 2F566EC6=Enter code 2F8C38CE=Mask &Select 2FD609E6=seconds 2FFABE49=Submit to Server 305E05FA=Set permission %d on "%s" 3081E970=Under Queue 309E8EF9=Hang up then Turn off &computer 30AD7EEF=Logged off 30BCAC3D=GSSAPI Authentication not supported 30D0FE36=Your real name or a nick name 30DE2942=Execute 31247639=Skip List 318AEA93=Folders 3192E113=Task Properties 31E29F33=Expire on 3227F264=(nothing) 32659BF4=Single Connection Layout 327658E9=Unknown certificate format 329A90B7=File Listing 32F5CAB8=Translation 33181456=%d days ago 3349868E=Make Default 3369C866=Command aborted by user 33991E52=An entry with this name already exists 33A6D397=Set &Background Color 33AFCB98=Update Failed 347307E6=Subject 349A0769=Type of key 34DE7F5C=Registry 35086F9F=In Progress 35359498=Set &Font 353BE5DB=Variable 354052D2=File Transfer Rules 35BD8DB5=Queueing Files.. Please Wait.. 35C74068=Connect retry delay 35F7CB91=Add to Bookmarks 3609D5BA=Please disconnect and try again. 3632A126=Store logs in unique session folders 3634D904=(global) 364D8A2C=Download from %s 36EA70FE=Do you want to save the changes? 36EB7841=Yes to &All 36F43DB2=&Left Folder Tree 3756B34D=New Session 37D51A8C=Stay on &Top 37E1CFB4=Restart transfer if no data transferred for 37EEF1B1=Network Friendly QoS 3822FC21=Saved 385CD49A=Backup 38659B92=&Login Type 3865EE59=Read 38896D7A=Reconnect to server and resume? 38A78E16=is self signed. 38F743A6=&IP:PORT 390C611A=One Time 3920FDC4=Operation now in progress 392AB418=Enable only when connecting 39564B4E=Delete Command? 39A373CC=This certificate %s 39AC5C6D=Use custom rules 39C170F9=Caption 3A236703=&User Name 3A835F78=Delete all queue files? 3B1794E6=Include "Edit and Upload" in edit history 3B3D0B23=Generic shell icons 3B749B20=Abort 3B7F8384=Transfer Progress 3B813ED6=E-Mail notification timed out. 3B9FEFCB=(auto detect) 3BB3234B=Passive Mode (PASV) 3BFD562B=Errors 3C126031=Number of logs to store on disk (0 = unlimited) 3C182B2B=Public 3C3D0DD8=(default) 3C4A1F61=September 3C5AA113=This version of FlashFXP requires a new license key. A new license key will be provided to you at no additional cost. 3C6ECB10=Data Connection Mode 3CEDB797=Security 3CF8997C=Site Name 3D615F71=Keyboard Authentication Requested 3D8CC476=Expand All Folders 3D966ED4=Layout 3DBE79B1=Delete 3DC4646A=Total Groups 3DD0DCA1=Schedule At 3EF0BE7E=Mask Select 3F1D9DBF=Tutorial 3F22A401=&Do not follow folder links 3F33DCA7=Your %d day evaluation period has run out. 3F9608E8=Hide/Show Buttons 3FA09AA8=Enter Password 3FE6584A=Elapsed 4008DE0B=&Enable strong private key protection. 401DF7AF=Clip&board 406089A4=Action 4067D178=Too many open sockets 406E9AD8=Confirm 40890A3F=larger 4097C018=Are you sure you want to delete the "%s" site? 40C06F0D=Anonymous 40D370AE=Select the place where you want to move the selected item(s), click the Ok button 40D798E8=Transfer Progressbar 40E54C83=Connection reset by peer 40E9AB36=No buffer space available 40EB9C6E=Only 40F9C2B7=Re&name 41711E00=June 4175C612=Set UID 4177D348=Command 4177DF1C=%s File 41B009C0=Include Quick Connect sites in History 41C32ACA=Target 4203F666=To 4222363C=Queue Selected 4257CE43=Normal Transfer 426D426A=Text Editor 427DC77B=Restore canceled by user 42C0DD48=Delete selected object(s)? 434214CC=Undo 4354FA01=Active Edits 43597FD7=Edit in site manager 4378F71E=Screen reader friendly taskbar caption 43ECB862=Log Closed 443795F2=Limit session log size (MB) 4468A27D=-- Exported marked list to clipboard 44CBC7BE=Only while connected 452635B2=Waiting for user response (%d seconds left) 452E59D7=%s is password protected 45345E31=Invalid argument 4540C764=Directory Created 45891491=Search not found! 45AFE3DD=Last Connected 45EFB334=older 45F80A27=Advanced 463E1A96=Last Reset 46651164=Move to &top 4679425A=You cannot download files to "My Computer" 46996944=If no rules match then 46C3B767=Refresh on file transfer 46D8ACCC=rule 46E997C3=New Folder 476AD7E6=Confirm Delete 4785996E=No signatures could be verified because the certificate chain contains only one certificate, it is not self-signed, and the issuer is not trusted. 479E47A6=Not scheduled 47DF18D9=Would you like to replace the existing site with this one? 47E01A7F=Send an E-mail on Error 482E9729=Selected Site 485BB638=Rules 486A1663=Restore 48BBF796=No route to Host 4934CE72=&Retry 49A0896A=Custom skip list 49CC5DC7=Transferred 4A17A7EC=Local 4A17AE0A=Some files are still being edited or need to be uploaded. 4A440057=&Port 4A458804=not supported by this server 4A532608=Delete Task 4AFA2857=Listening on PORT: %d, Waiting for connection. 4B0A62E1=Are you sure you want to delete these %d items? 4B656E80=This registration key has been disabled. 4B84F8D0=Files and folders separately 4BB58267=Queued 4C269C39=Delete selected object(s) from queue? 4C47EA78=FlashFXP has created a backup of your current settings and site profiles. 4CB2F934=Active 4CC61554=Do you want to remove all files in your FlashFXP data folder? 4D81D89E=In Auto-Mode all files are transferred in Binary mode unless the file extension is listed here. 4D8C7321=Contents 4DA1E652=These default programs are used when a file has no defined association. 4DAA7349=Yes 4DC1BC1A=Configure 4E095285=Connection canceled 4E637B5F=Requesting update 4E65CB26=This may overwrite the original file or fail. 4E75FBE2=Local Browser 4EA2B199=Resolved 4EB2CA4A=Bar 4EEB0A87=Until 4F08490B=Swap &Panes 4F08AB78=Valid from 4F0C9846=Move 4F1066FB=Activate 4F268CA5=Socket is not connected 4F5C846E=Daily 4F674841=Disconnect 4F812B18=Question 4F870689=Restore Configuration 4FA688A9=Send noop during transfer 4FB9D239=Support 4FF2844B=E-Mail Notifications 501B5E4C=Cannot open file 501EDD88=Results 502C003B=This will allow you to back up or transport your keys at a later time. 503970B4=Untitled 5040FDFD=Dynamic Queue 5050D1DD=New Mail Server 506BAC00=Ask 507852CA=Toolbar 50BFCB86=Perform the following action on save 50C1A2B2=%s is optional. 50DB96DA=S&earch depth 50F0FFAC=Name of Folder 510016CA=Vertical 51098C16=The registration key you entered was intended for an older version of FlashFXP. 510AC4B5=Download Complete 515160DF=Translation Editor 5161FC31=Add to site manager 5169A23F=Moving files 5197336C=Synchronized Browsing Error 51BAC044=Cancel 51C5140A=Unable to get issuer certificate 522948A9=FlashFXP is already connected to a site, Please disconnect from the site and try again. 522AA75C=Log off computer 5245301E=Paste from Clipboard 524CEC48=Reset Total Stats? 52CC17AD=Retry Failed Transfers 530145D5=Key Size 53A227B5=Unable to restore backup, file error permission denied. 53AE02A5=New 53B0C153=First 53D1F387=Keep Alive Sent 5406D100=Do you want to save changes to "%s"? 54408821=Synchronized Browsing 546B42BB=The folder does not exist 54B5ABAC=Start with Error/Transfer Status 54DF3F31=Auto save queue on change 550429B2=You will be prompted every time the private key is used by FlashFXP if you enable this option. 5504CA65=Kilobytes per second (KB/s) 553141C1=Strings with invalid syntax 553E54C4=Marked List 556E2892=&OK 559EEE5F=IP Address 55F9740F=Send NOOP command during transfer 56EF812B=Connection timed out 57A5108F=Export To File 57BE561A=Move files/folders 57C22582=RSA key for SFTP 57DDE318=Click here to create a new task 57F28B54=Size 57F6272B=No Proxy 5809C1D1=&All 58267A45=Source 5844FA43=Skip 58962951=Move Folder Content 58E008EE=Path of File 58E36576=Unknown user or Invalid password 5918C6E4=List Complete 5965C024=Time &Zone 596FA66F=File Extension 5970AF12=Weekly 59E02534=Remote Edit 5A2DE312=Ciphers 5A307851=KiloBytes (KB) 5A481652=Automatically switching "%s" to "%s" 5A663540=Restore FlashFXP for confirmations 5A73E366=Transfer Speed 5AA88E88=Cache directories 5AB438BB=New File 5AE01ACB=Authentication failed 5AF2C154=Set date/time 5B58EC0C=Remote File Listing 5B6E7D66=Indirect (protocol independent) 5B7C7098=Copy to Site Manager 5B9877F5=This copy of FlashFXP is now licensed to: 5BB26795=File Count 5BCC1102=Unable to Delete Directory 5BE8962F=Both 5BFD4005=Delaying %s seconds 5C10184C=Transfer Graph 5C6DC2DA=hour(s) 5C7EA6A5=Evaluation 5CB36745=&Save 5CD0315B=Next Run 5D1A7A84=Remote 5DC1D0C0=Server 5DE45002=Stop queue after current transfer 5DE806A6=Connected to 5DF7139B=Lock FlashFXP 5E0849BA=RSA/DSA key for SFTP 5E20F968=Large Icons 5E7740B4=&Mark this key as exportable. 5EB87A8B=Start 5ECF04B0=View 5ED7B10C=Set GID 5EF0433E=%s is protected 5F39C96A=Finished 5F7FBEA0=Descending 5F81F3B8="%s" not found in Site Manager 5F82434D=Please enter an email address in the '%s' field. 5FEC8E4E=in 6063A98F=Live Update 60BC15AA=Don't show this dialog again. 6103C05C=Lifetime license, never pay for updates and upgrades again. 615F19A9=Site does not support FEAT command 616E7939=Language already exists, loading existing language 61DFDDD0=Selected 621718B1=Delete queue items 624CFAB0=Please carefully examine the certificate to make sure the server can be trusted. 626E7BD0=Save Entry 6299E568=Enable download speed limit 62A90443=Every 62AEF5BC=Unable to change data channel protection to clear. 62AF8810=Start in selected folders 62BD9734=Advanced Settings 62D10724=URL 62F233E4=You do not have the privileges to shut the system down 634E7B7A=Reset and retry failed transfers 636819AB=Transfer queue completed 63AD4869=Host unreachable 63BFF652=Rule Set 63D7FE13=Folders Only 64176CF3=Connection closed by client 6418D370=Edit File 64482978=Return to previous folder 64ABACFB=Failed to load OpenSSL DLLS. ssleay32.dll or libeay32.dll 64C92DB2=&All files 64EA44A6=List directories recursively 64F3F7B4=any 64F8D5AA=If you are a home user, you can use your registration on up to four computers. 6543690E=Prompt 654CD04E=Start and Stop times must differ! 65DBC9F6=Search Results 65F9E2B8=Solid 664DA598=&Show Confirmation 66619843=Click OK when ready to upload edited file 667B7BCD=Edit Entry 667DEC86=&Connection Type 668E8782=Export %s 66AA70B6=Connection 674620CD=July 676DD596=Resume 67A8635D=Left Server Reply 67BF4438=To Site name (FXP mode) 67EDA3C8=Data folder "%s" unavailable. This may be an unattached network drive or you may not have permission to view the location. 67F42BB6=Automatically detect web proxy settings 681D1209=Extended taskbar tray tooltip window 68349F66=Remote Edit Upload Complete 6838A697=Unable to determine Current Folder 686BF2A1=&Refresh 686ECB4D=A %s named "%s" already exists. 6887CFC6=New version available 68F9EE27=(Password is optional) 69132ABD=Custom Rules 699CCB3A=Find 69D88C4D=New Command 6AB76464=Please Wait 6ADD8CE5=E&xit 6AF3CC1E=New Entry 6B5FDFFE=Set date/time of 6B7B4D54=Backup Complete 6B90539D=Expiration 6BBB9E69=Info 6BC30194=Error Saving Registration Key 6BF3118F=&Shortcut Key 6C0780E3=different 6C09CE7B=Connecting to server 6C6D5D6C=Home Page 6C7B1BDF=Make Fol&der 6C9E9E8A=%s complete, %d string(s) missing. 6CB37250=SFTP protocol detected, Please change the Connection Type to SFTP 6CD4BC94=Shutdown 6D1DD926=Unable to close FlashFXP, please wait until the file upload is completed. 6D20EE51=Quick Connect sites to keep in history 6D64A3EF=Waiting for command to complete 6D7F3B40=Aborting 6D82D294=There is not enough free disk space to download the file. 6D8E36BF=Resume All 6DDA1825=Generating Certificate 6DE5C592=Starting 6E1664FE=Allow exporting of private key 6E17F1C5=Line[:Column] 6E3A36E0=Task List 6E69B475=Cu&t 6E6A8A04=When asked, wait specified number of seconds, then overwrite 6E919A4D=&Graph 6EC2ABB5=minute 6ED1652E=Transfer Failed 6EE6ECF8=Delete Entry 6EF499E9=Mouse 6F15BCC3=Host 6F2C1806=Remove 6F80BB0D=Unable to start FlashFXP. 6F8276A9=Hibernate 6F85D0F6=Clear History 6F9B3209=Queue A&s 6F9B32E1=Uninstall FlashFXP 6FAD2922=Preferences 6FC067DB=April 6FE52246=This will remove all your personal settings and site profiles. 7009CD2C=FlashFXP Queue File 700F1146=Fourth 701E114E=hour 7076FD02=&No 707F1C56=Attempting to Reconnect 70910070=Error creating data connection 70B03103=&Generate 70FBE6FA=Would you like to download the update? 71261BC8=Line 712FEA7D=There is a format error in the notAfter field of the certificate. 7155CBEF=Use site ip for passive mode connections 71FFA0EC=Exclude File Extensions 7202E3F7=&Print 720C4DAD=Auto Sizing 724BAB1B=Use Compression 725717BE=Re&place with 7269FA38=Start on 727431C1=Compare 729C73E6=Edit Bookmarks 72BDD8C2=Password Set 72D14E45=Import Sites 72E1BA91=Internet Explorer Plugin 72F7A20C=De&lete 7303757C=You cannot undo this operation! 734A583F=Time Remaining 7386C481=No objects matching %s found! 73A6D62E=This file can not be resumed 73AF2B57=Only resume files transferred in binary mode 73DA4A64=Your Password has been removed. 73F4DCAC=Public Key Required 7418308D=Pass&word 741F8EEB=Overwrite All 74350DE7=About 7437E0C4=No host/ip address specified. 74389FCC=Turn off computer 746EDFC8=during the previou&s 74B38638=minute(s) 74B9379E=City/Town 74BE6123=If you think this is in error, please contact %s immediately. 74C4D4E8=Cannot find "%s" 74D51E55=&Close 750B5A10=Right 7512CA10=Connection lost 7519B311=Receiving 752EA0B6=Highlights 75328C4F=bits 75756B1E=Queue List 75BDEED3=Some settings will not take effect until you restart FlashFXP 75F209CA=SFTP Encryption 763816AC=Preview 764FF646=Use this IP only for non-port 21 and SSL/TLS connections 767104DA=Folder not found! 76F32F7C=On Transfer Complete 76FCA759=List Parameters 77105798=Explorer Menu 7729F5DD=Publish 7751B21C=Open folder location 77962B8E=Quick Connect 783D6B00=%s to %s 784DD132=Test 7892C392=If you are 100% sure you forgot your password, a new profile that does not contain any site data and default preferences will be created. 78D03B40=The folder "%s" does not exist. 78DBBEB1=Directory Count 796DD6AE=TO 797F314A=Beta and Stable 79D96B84=Flash window on transfer complete 7A02E2C3=Keyboard 7A684566=Enable Global Logging 7A74FD5B=Private Key 7A97FA9D=Fingerprint 7A9E9945=Edit Custom Commands 7ACC59D0=&Details 7B0D7FF7=Issued to 7B1DD4C6=Identification Tags 7B8CF8D1=This backup file can be used to restore FlashFXP should you remember the application password. 7B9FC935=Upload to %s 7BBC83C9=Resolving 7BC56C41=This will overwrite your current settings. 7BC8B584=Opening data connection via Proxy 7C161A2B=Idle 7C25AB45=&Connect 7C89A36D=Unit 7C9A5F0B=Unable to Create Folder 7CA25862=Random Colors 7CAC602A=Status 7CBB78C6=Selective Transfer Rules 7CCCD351=Lowercase 7CE599CD=&Edit and Upload 7CF95243=Quit FlashFXP 7D4DD2B0=Kilobits per second (kbps) 7D880CB5=Disabled 7DAB227A=Direct connection 7DC18567=Sites 7DE9C85C=skiplist 7E55D467=Please select another Folder and try again 7E7B889A=This language is incomplete, Please help us complete the translation. 7EC69DA0=Attributes 7F25D280=Attempt to Auto-Discover Time Offset 7F29E296=Duration 7F6B3227=Grid lines 7F7D5C4C=Create folder 7FD2171B=Task run-time limit reached 7FE01AD7=When a pattern matches a file or folder name that entry becomes highlighted in the selected color. 7FF2753B=Server Web Root Path 7FF438B9=Save site changes in Site Manager 80311689=Check the name and try again. 804D4CA2=Write Error: Disk Full or Disk Quota Exceeded? 805AB644=Clear Password 80641891=&during the previous 807DE2F6=Last Run 809983C5=Readme 80A296D3=Replace &All 80C628C4=%s Free 80F874CD=Disable 813E1B6A=Keep Alive Command 815BE18F=Waiting for remaining noop replies. Please wait.. 815DA99C=If Destination File 816CE026=Download 81A93F88=File Associations 81D61168=Resumed 81D7CE44=Transfer Selected 824EE7F6=S&ession 825B0B84=Hi&bernate 82650FB4=Reset Stats? 82B1F389=File not found! 82B3FFF5=FTP protocol detected, Please change the Connection Type to FTP 82C51DA3=Enable Cache 82CEE20E=You are eligible for an upgraded key without any additional purchase. 82EC9B70=Last download: %s ago 83044F77=Personal ID Number 830A585E=Auto expand Folders 832BDC1E=Keep Alives 8343CCD7=Current SFTP session does not support the command you requested. A Separate shell session may be opened to process the command. 8349C936=&Directory 8359F0B8=Command not supported 835F444E=The text in the %s file has changed. 8390F2FF=Drag Drop 8393C19D=N&o to All 83A8E1CD=Failed to delete some or all files. You must manually delete them. 83B24425=Show confirmation 83F8EE23=This queue contains special operations that may need to execute in a specific order. 8455D58E=New Task 849141B8=Invalid Password 84CD0F7E=Unable to set Permission %d on "%s", [%s] 84CEB578=New File Association 854A6B8B=&File 85A2D726=Restore Queue 85AA746C=IP Address Required for 8620B88E=&Command 8673B645=Unable to create window. 86B57C72=A&ddress or URL 86F198E1=Create New Site 875235A7=Key Format 8757C56B=Confirmations 876F802F=Invalid Server Reply 8775AB0B=File Access Error 879F31FE=Prompt to select program 8824A17C=Export to clipboard 882F477D=Language Update Available 88349756=Selected Group 8851E05D=Find Next 886D60C9=Apply changes to all subfolders and files 88C53A31=Secure File Transfers 897C2602=Do you want to open a separate shell session? 8A0C868A=&Disconnect Site(s) 8A1ABD8D=hours 8AA6BAF3=Site name can not be left blank. 8B895216=Connection closed 8B8D913F=-- Marked List Cleared 8B8E0843=C&lear 8BB490D1=%s encrypted session using cipher %s (%d bits) 8C2FE4D8=FlashFXP - New Registration Key Required 8C3A95E4=Enabled with prompt 8C47FDAF=Disconnect Site(s) 8C7216A1=FlashFXP Backup File 8C7C21DF=One Way with Delete 8CED4D1D=Full row select 8CF0072E=Beep (PC Speaker) 8CFC9A39=November 8D2E41E6=&Tools 8D786166=You are on day %d of your %d day evaluation period. 8D9A690D=Unable to read file 8D9C0BC8=Sto&p 8DFA2312=Would you like to open your web browser and request a new registration key? 8DFE8DB1=Non-Authoritative Host not found 8E127609=Grid 8E155B69=Schedule End 8E8685D6=&New Command 8EAAE8E2=Credits 8EE15C85=Enter Command Name 8EF37792=Bottom 8F71E761=Coordinated Universal Time 8FF3A55A=Warning 8FF437F2=Task completed 90156256=By setting a password your Site Manager content will be encrypted using a strong encryption. 905F73A8=Do not store password. 90AA7930=Stretch background 90B3992F=Totals 90BA87CC=Trans&fer As 9100939E=Multiple Selected 9127CD1E=Connection open 9152D9E7=AND 915C9049=Reset 91986A2C=File Exists 9200E6FD=IS 92466CAE=Operation already in progress 9252347D=Skip empty folders 928B9581=Untranslated Strings 93AB08FF=Are you sure you want to delete your Quick Connect history? 93ABD038=TCP/IP Buffer Size 93D38466=Hang up 93F62EE1=Key exchange: %s. Session encryption: %s, MAC: %s, compression: %s. 9405528F=All nested sites will also be deleted. 9475CAF5=File List 947609FA=File Transfer 947E1393=Edit Bookmark 9488A952=Keyboard-interactive 9489C708=Some settings cannot be changed while connected to the site, these changes will take effect next time you connect. 948D7BE7=Raw Command (quote) 94991C4C=Speed Limits 94E52BF1=Sticky 95453852=Please enter the %s 95ABE16A=Sort order cannot be changed. 95F17D1B=Schedule Start 9605EC4E=&Import from clipboard 9613FC9C=There is a format error in the notBefore field of the certificate. 969EA7F3=Default action on save 973D7B79=Name of File 97445CAE=Setting File Permissions 978AA062=A self-signed certificate exists in the certificate chain. The certificate chain could be built up using the untrusted certificates, but the root CA could not be found locally. 97A9AD2A=Unable to write to file, disk full? 980C7DCC=Change Folder Failure 98346A5D=The certificate was revoked by the issuer. 98469A16=Connected 985CBF91=Status Window 9888B70B=user/pass authentication not required 989D7ABB=Check the file permissions and restart FlashFXP. 98D5A529=No&tes 98D5CD85=License 98DC751D=Clear graph on connect 98EC5999=Queue Complete 99037692=I Accept 990CA461=Tab key switches between file lists (v2.x style) 9927A641=Failed 9994C10E=User ID 99C1D1F5=%s Folder 99C3ACEF=Overlay icons 99CFA274=Enter Key 9A2C4CB0=D&elete All 9A5A005D=Disable Site 9A6253F9=Proxy Server Profile 9A852E6E=Hang up then Quit FlashFXP 9AC2BD9F=Use session rules 9AE30749=Network dropped connection or reset 9AEFA8EE=New License Key Required 9B0A32DF=Make Folder Failure 9B77608D=Minimize to System Tray 9BB908F9=Text 9C1C9375=Error 9C2B5304=Authentication succeeded 9C320D6A=On 9C44E24C=Add Current Site 9CCEF0FA=Country 9CDE45B6=View Raw Directory 9D1950D7=&Size is 9D6C43A9=Queue Parent of Selected 9D76F074=Activate FlashFXP window on connect 9DC9F306=&Fingerprint 9DD1B90B=Exit with non empty queue 9DEFED59=A file with the name you specified already exists. 9E0BC3EB=&Add 9E1C594D=Attributes (CHM&OD) 9E8E3A68=If you select no, you must delete the folder/files manually. 9E90A8D4=Open target folder 9EC4B89C=Are you sure you want to delete all log files? 9F330705=Host key algorithm ssh-%s, size %d bits. 9F402A8E=user created 9F448218=Enabled 9F5DF3B7=Queue deletion of selected object(s)? A048B170=From File A0546AF0=Ident User ID A06B4AA3=minutes A0C8FED6=Invalid Character A0CE08AD=Receive A0F286D6=&Check All A1155E5A=ReEdit A1559232=Scheduled Tasks A178D364=The password is necessary to run the scheduled task when the user is not logged in. A1A20F2D=%s sites exported. A1CCEC39=Open file location A1EDE006=HTTP A236D113=Double click to change folder A24D60D5=Stopping A269638F=Reject A27E306C=%d DAYS LEFT A2F9EEBD=Run Now A2FA1917=IP Lookup Error A313A5FB=Add File Pattern A3460906=Compare Size A34E73AD=Schedule A352FFA8=Transfer Incomplete A37CA62A=Site Manager A37FB152=Save &As A3A63A2C=Local Path A3ADE80B=Enable TCP/IP Keep Alives A3B35C29=Show the active edits window when editing a file A3CC3F81=Hide Matching Files/Folders A3EF6353=Connection refused A405D10F=Save changes to "%s"? A41DBF02=Next A4A334F0=Key Manager A505D70A=Get Key A5349784=Error/Transfer Window A534DBFB=The public key in the certificate could not be read. A53D8B31=This name will show in the credits for your work. A54A8EB2=weeks on A55071CC=Enable Global Keep Alives A55495AB=Operation would block A59D323A=Clear Folder Cache A5D18948=Failed transfers A5F19B2C=Move to the bottom of queue before retrying A5F91444=Keyboard authentication A60BDC64=Scale Values A61D0EFA=Modified A6462EF7=Translated Strings A6528F66=Enter Name A66702FD=You must add at least one file extension A68F2242=Register A6E34EDC=Include sub-folders A6EC3966=Transfer in progress, Exit anyways? A700559D=Certificate A71157BD=List Icons A76FE24E=request rejected or failed A7764EE2=Delete Multiple Items A7DAADB3=Attempting normal method A7DB89C5=Total Free A7E5A044=Association List A7F3406C=New &Group A7FC0C2A=Path of Folder A833BDF1=Host is down A849D503=You can freely use this evaluation version for %d days. A865D077=Switch to %s Browser A887A10D=Delete Group and all commands within it A8DBC959=&Move successful entry to top of list A8DEA150=A backup of your current FlashFXP configuration will be created. A8E87813=There was an error loading %s A8F3DB5E=The following file has been modified, would you like to upload it? A93002A5=Overwrite A937C4EF=License Details A98FD67D=Stop queue if not completed by A996DDA0=Custom picture A9B2761E=Turn Off Fingerprint checking on Data Connection AA2E1304=will now turn off your computer. AA48584E=Folder Bookmarks AA9C9F7B=Data Channel FingerPrint Doesn't match control Connection. AAB22737=Remove Folder failure AAB569CA=Public Key File AADF3C44=Error sending E-mail AAE879A7=No item selected! AB34FF4C=High color toolbars AB35CBC0=New Progress AB4C8CB2=Create New DSA Key AB662431=Path AB7143B8=Permissions AB888A55=Stop task if it runs longer than AB88A3CC=Network is down AB89FC4B=Log Folder ABF16A50=I Decline AC016BC1=Group AC48A1B5=Use Rules AC51AABA=Run task only when user is logged in ACBBBFE7=Existing Progress ACD1C5A7=ReDownload ACE194A7=Sound Files ACE58129=Reset &All Failed AD26A7C7=unknown AD525B7F=Execute File AD57A109=Changing directory AD78FB31=Fi&nd what AD8E88F2=Statistics ADA5DE3F=&Open ADD3D613=Client Certificate ADD714F7=Not installed ADDDDF1C=Please try again AE3D4D40=Unable to decrypt the signature of the certificate. AE77BC52=Perform these commands after login AEADBD03=Skipped transfers AF09FA09=Keyboard Authentication, Password Sent. AF3C9967=Refresh AF422546=Create New RSA Key AF55B832=Reveal password when selecting password field AF5C9C0B=SSL ERROR: unknown protocol AF9D0228=Prompt for password AFD2F1DD=File Mask AFD59F62=Can't send after socket shutdown AFE59754=Information B01F4F95=Done B02D9FAE=Connect timeout B103554A=Account name B16808AC=Hang up then Turn off computer B194D230=Activate synchronized browsing on connect B19943CE=bytes B1A9E549=Site Notes B1B3145F=Second B1D6A11A=Run task whether user is logged on or not B20D6363=passphrase B2144130=Queue/Status B240912E=will now put your computer into a sleep mode. B28B6F38=Account B2B3E6BA=Proxy B2B87F87=-- Clipboard text imported into marked list B2C2C7FF=Fonts B2DA9B3C=Negotiating %s session B314A82E=Queue window B31952DB=Create Time B320D790=File Permission Denied B3583DC7=Network is unreachable B35CDE91=Search B389C627=Pop up window for login messages B3973160=Common Name B3A4845F=Save Filename As B3BFA94D=Your changes have not been saved. Please restart FlashFXP. B44E09BD=Thank you for trying FlashFXP! B46C3296=Deleting B48CE802=Accept B4D6B4DC=E-Mail notification failure. B4E14BD9=Import %s B502C7FE=Remove failed transfers from queue B59BD6EA=Calculate Server Space &Used B6056E7E=Interface B609061A=Use to view file B61F1169=second B6557F23=Downloading B6EB2FA0=Network subsystem is unavailable B6ED28C6=A list with this name already exists B6ED7A1C=The %s site associated with this item was not found in the Site Manager. B719780C=request rejected because the client program and identd report different user-ids B71BF20B=FlashFXP will cease to function in %d days unless purchased. B71EB376=Friday B7422E46=You can purchase FlashFXP by clicking the "Buy Now" button on the right. B781F0FA=Thursday B78EA426=Show Hidden Files, folders, or drives B7CA5E11=Filters B7E8D08A=URL (with password) B7EDFF7B=Private Key File B7F1CDA3=Enter folder after create B809DECD=Completed B8524B5B=Move &up B858F1B8=will now put your computer into a hibernation mode. B89066CD=Uploading B8A0C82C=Custom list B8BE0BDA=Are you sure you want to delete "%s"? B93D6E70=Enter Group Name B942C196=Transfer B999C3CF=January BA4BD2BB=Save to &File BACD6763=Reset &Selected BAF93E45=Edit Task BB36B98E=Data channel protection mismatch. BB63C6BC=Character Encoding BB72C083=Connect BB88FBB2=Repeat Task BC0EEF3E=Retrieving update information BC2F54F5=Active Mode (PORT) BC607D0F=Unable to open BCAA555B=Write BCBB5310=Direction BCBD8117=First letter uppercase BCCD3F05=Down BCDDD288=Custom solid color BCE93614=&Partial Name Matching BD14A73D=Destination address required BD25671A=Unable to open specified file. BD316502=State or Province BD35CC1F=Skip All BD4C4764=Successful transfers BD7D0BCA=&Delete BD88648B=Manual Get BD9B3216=Details BE159CB3=All nested files and folders will be deleted. BE3C5067=Queue BE407B21=Select Folder BEF7DA6D=The issuer certificate of a locally looked up certificate could not be found. This normally means that the list of trusted certificates is not complete. BF05766B=Turn off synchronized browsing BF157DB3=Don't Size Compare ASCII Files BF1796B3=March BF376213=Log File BF5A86A3=Position C03AD36C=My Computer C0596E41=Border C14CEC33=Binary C19D7112=Copy to Clipboard C1C7180F=You must enter a valid password. C1CB72D7=Are you sure you want to delete the selected task(s)? C1ED9635=Resume Support C21629DF=Grid Style C25B2396=Total Sites C25DED7D=Copy to Clipboard As URL C267B740=Sort By C2869AAD=This server may not allow file resuming C2F3561D=Address C2F7D047=Invalid reply, Using default IP C3201DD9=Replace C32D1221=Copy Directory to Clipboard C35D06AB=Local File Listing C36C4B3F=Display C37AC376=P&roperties C37CECE5=View and Edit File C3893540=Please enter your password C38D79AF=Send anti-idle keep alives C3B8E32A=Use global settings C3C5607A=Group symbolic link folders under regular folders C3C712BC=Retry Count C3D9892B=Language Properties C3F87A04=Site to Site C4028368=The passed certificate is self-signed and the same certificate cannot be found in the list of trusted certificates. C42887BF=In Folder C43253F7=Save Configuration C433C910=Use authentication C4400D72=Remember edit history C4406555=This certificate is valid. C4769290=Please enter a Common Name. C4910AF7=Change Password C4B66A1B=Asterisk C4D97C3F=Use synchronized browsing C4DF7A3B=Raw Command C503430A=Replace Certificate C512C6A9=Colors C534412B=Create New Command C53DD853=Unknown Error C5573507=Add C573F378=(Retry attempt #%d in %d seconds) C5762842=Set Password C57D8B33=Filename C58F57B6=Ident C5E361D9=&Export C5EF77EA=File Patterns C5F9850B=Please enter your FlashFXP password C61B1DEE=Operation not supported on socket C65ADC64=File Extensions C668A2BC=smaller C6888AC4=Auto C6B70BE8=An unexpected error occurred while saving your application data. C6C36410=&General C6DD8293=Renamed C79D7AEE=Verify Host Key C7B8ADA9=&Move To C7BA1833=No change C7CC0EF6=Enable Ident C7CC9431=Advanced Transfer C7E47711=Calculating timezone offset of server... C7F1F81C=Transfer Mode C7F46F5D=Files C80D7234=Proxy Server List C8842AD8=Graph C89E3217=Properties C8AC2D0B=0 = No Limit C8E1E1D4=Translate C923F6D6=Remove from list C94BB850=Break Menu At (lines) C960C3A7=No more runs C971A6DA=Site C9D4E246=&Uncheck All C9D58837=Connecting to CA5BCC90=Terminated CA6F0CE0=Default file editor CAB5778C=Local to Local CAF5C873=Actions CAFFED76=Please register FlashFXP today.. CB05F5E0=Reconnect CB396594=Would you like to disconnect from the current site? CB54459C=%s Total CB82F178=&Transfer CBBA6A1C=If your connection drops during a file transfer try checking this option, not all servers are compatible with this setting and it can cause additional problems. CBD76704=Latest Version CBF2C4F7=Sunday CC203B0F=Enter list name CC33C1F3=Move &down CC4356E1=The certificate is not valid until a date in the future. CC4DA6A0=If you forget your password it will be impossible to recover your Site Manager content. CC6D0751=Thank you for supporting FlashFXP CC769D1B=Unlock FlashFXP CC8E0A9F=Language file imported CC9D9D8D=&Select CCB42483=Password CCE7DB8A=Host not found CD02B961=When no user account password is provided there is no access to either the network or encrypted files. CDE0753B=Graph background CE222A30=Address already in use CE36EEDC=Send an E-mail on Success CE7BE82D=URL Clipboard Monitor CEE114BD=System CEF2EDA8=Sleep CF1F574E=Enter filename CF430AD2=Please purchase FlashFXP to continue CF56E970=Delete selected queue files? CF6EEE94=Send an E-mail on Success or Error CF90EB68=&Select Marked CFA6377B=Time CFD5596B=Delete queue file in Restore Queue CFE1BD1A=%d object(s) found, %d selected %s D06A41BD=%d object(s) found D09613DB=The server's host key does not match the one FlashFXP has saved for this server. This means that either the server administrator has changed the host key, the server presents different host keys under certain circumstances, or you have actually connected to another computer pretending to be the server. D0B05227=&Buy Now D0F15464=%s negotiation successful... D0F8A217=Please contact the server's administrator and verify the received key. Accepting the host key without verification is not recommended. D0FD488C=One Way D146BDC5=request rejected because SOCKS server cannot connect to identd on the client D16AC35D=The password you typed does not match. D179B23F=&Cancel D1BFC387=has expired. D20302DD=Clear All Failed D20841FF=Unable to search while a tranfer is in progress. D232D5A2=FlashFXP is busy executing another command, Press Abort to abort previous command. D23C54FF=May D2483B4F=Blend with windows theme D2A737FF=Key exchange algorithms D2A97E61=Hang up then &Quit FlashFXP D2C0AEC0=Close D2CAB391=Version Error D335E744=Use skip list D35C34A0=Directory of D3817021=Remote Path D3CB6D10=Navigation Tree D3CD71CB=Follow symbolic links recursively D3F89AD1=Enable Sound Events D40F8855=Server File Search D42292A2=Edit Commands D4E31FC0=Task name D55AA577=Unable to Connect to mail server D5675819=Selective Transfer ruleset not found (%s) D5B264A1=%s mode was successful, Please update the data connection mode in your site profile. D5CB4F6E=At least D5D0CC9A=Maximum D610CAD2=Up D6232CD5=Minimum D6400849=%s Folders D6584F89=Language File D65F7A6A=Retry attempt Aborted D6ABCE1B=Copy Global D6DECCB6=Limit Local Port Range D6FD9CC4=Time to live expired D730FAF5=Unknown Key Format D736D92D=OK D78BA9C4=This folder already contains a site named D78F15BB=Initializaton of windows sockets failed D8006C3E=Enable compression D8175696=Open with D8328332=Requesting current directory D87E283F=Monday D8DFA8DD=&Options D91677E9=Format D9C8FE66=Binary (image) D9DFB884=Organization D9FDCE7D=Software caused connection abort DA5088BB=Installed DA51915A=Copy Task DA554856=Left DA64BE9D=Edit Selective Transfer DA6E3FB7=HTTP URL DA7C7897=Auto save queue on exit DA7CB629=When to Skip DA97462D=F&ormat DAF868AB=Schedule Task DAFB138E=&Apply DB04DC66=Returned DB1820C9=failed to negotiate key exchange algorithm DB6EB231=Browse For Folder DB779010=Progress DB99C4A1=Dotted DBC8C65D=Bind Socket to IP DBCB26D6=Confirm File Replace DBCC4D33=Existing File DBD435F2=&Sites DC16C188=Times DC5C98ED=Copy username and password? DC8DE9F2=Directory Changed. DC982B03=Opening separate shell session DCA40ED6=Drag Drop with Explorer DCDA269E=Certificate Information DD20C260=Comman&ds DD3795AD=Menu DD3F650A=Attrib DD5D6791=%d object(s) Filtered. DE2BD258=Toolbar theme "%s" installed. DE315178=Rename DEC3B67E=Modern Style DEC46B4C=Enable skip list DEC8A15F=Cop&y Folder DECC7BCC=E-Mail Sent DED89590=Server Error DF5D6C0E=Mask DFA2AFF1=None DFAF4C75=Listing directory DFB72AE2=Public Key Authentication E0178897=The signature of the certificate is not valid. E03C3457=Apply changes recursively to sub-folders and files E03CF805=day(s) E06F76CF=Click here to purchase FlashFXP E0750B57=Download / Update Languages E0852A15=New &Site E09CB0F3=Running E0B08D9D=Interval E0CD2EC6=Unknown or invalid server reply E1062D7C=Clear Queue E13E7660=0 byte file E1D57D46=Aborted E23FB568=Last upload: %s ago E2558955=Navigation Buttons E27472F8=DSA key for SFTP E3001A98=Auto Transfer E345EDC4=August E35E8F32=&Select Non-Matches E3995C1A=Delete from %s E3A3F2F2=Port E3A7429C=Sending email notifcation E3C4DAFF=Unable to resolve host E3F204C7=month(s) E418497B=Can't assign requested address E458F1AB=File received E47EC614=Priority List E4BBEF11=FlashFXP data folder: %s E4D420C6=Recur every E4DC7934=Setup E4F80AF3=Server Certificate E4FA5726=List E5A02990=day E5A05497=Enabled no prompt E5B9506F=&Select a Site E5F30F60=Third E636035D=The root CA is not marked as trusted for the specified purpose. E666DD0F=Remark E68C4184=Wait Expired.. Not all NOOPs were retrieved. E6EB6AE3=&Move E6FF2626=Backup / Restore Configuration E7AEA7ED=&Resume E7B639CF=Change attributes of E7E6FF70=Enable Logging E7E9DDD1=Static Queue E80749D7=History E8277D8A=Show hidden files E8492BCE=The queue file is updated. Removing successful transfers and marking failed transfers. E8709287=Application Password Protection E878F936=Right Server Reply E8A23B71=Delete Logs E8CCCDF5=Server login E8D6DEC9=Enable upload speed limit E91888F3=(hard abort) E91CD4E0=Saturday E9317A25=Remote Browser E94324B8=Change Attributes E94C5EA5=After login use Clear Command Channel E954AAAB=Ready E963BE87=Scan Depth E96CC0A6=Network unreachable E96CF150=This license is valid until %s E9C91AF5=Update installed E9D6EC2A=Information Bar E9E218E3=Stalled Transfers EA574A97=December EA7DD2DD=Log Opened EA9C0D37=File List Default Sort EACF5B6E=Queue &Info EAE9069E=Last EB0E0CFB=Folder EB1C84D1=failed to negotiate authentication method EB78CFF1=Description EBB1ADD1=Add Folder Pattern EBC88318=X.509 certificate for FTP EBE4FC66=days EC3FFB05=Authentication method not acceptable ECB8B05A=Enter Command ECFFDA97=Finished at ED039D47=Please email %s for more information. we can supply you with a replacement serial number when we have verified your entitlement to use this software. ED09C808=Use APPE to resume uploads ED6B49C8=Welcome Message ED8269DB=Compress log files ED8814BC=Copy ED8D74FD=The certificate has expired. EDE4F036=Task Enabled EDE6239A=Would you like to start over with a new profile? EDE9958E=Mail Server Setup EE0E7537=Privacy Policy EE263A5D=Failure EE4C4E9B=Expire after EE822E76=Unable to load private key EE8FB6CB=Unable to determine Timezone offset.. EEE26782=Compression EEF00DEA=&Overwrite EF0B93EB=Incompatible version of winsock EF1E7EA2=Use the following web proxy settings EF712EA9=&Enter Site Name EF954444=Data Socket Error EFA98EB5=Global EFC1065A=Not connected EFC2A301=Delaying %s seconds before overwrite. F00C11BD=Timezone offsets: Server: %d seconds. Local: %d seconds. Difference: %d seconds. F03E714B=Create New Certificate (Self-Signed) F0795681=List Command F098932C=Manual File Transfers F10A9D7B=Single connection layout mode can't be enabled while connected to a site. F10C5260=Use custom settings F10F5CF5=&Look in F1165D1C=Sort F148581A=Open source and target folders F18C8952=Do you really want to close FlashFXP? F1A308E6=&Skip F1AFDF1E=Transfer Timed Out F22813AD=Custom F22E0CBD=No F24C741B=Task F252F3BE=Goto F25F8177=Disable for local network servers F260BBC9=Include the following logs F28AC1DA=Site Manager Security F32D0CFC=Skip 0 byte files F335B780=Background F344BE34=This is optional but recommended. F38D2F3E=Folder Tree F39223B4=Add transfer list F3C35666=Purchase/Pricing Information F3FCEDC1=Files Only F40CCD04=Enable F44C83D9=Aborted by user F4586804=Accept Once F47B1C9A=Edit File Association F484D645=Retry Delay F4A593C7=not recommended F4E846A1=via Proxy F512948D=Monitoring F54FD918=Months F55C3AE4=Cannot resolve host name F5C315EF=Delete Failure F6024D9D=Find &Next F60DD93B=FlashFXP configuration changes can not be saved. F626AE80=Connection established with F6380A58=Your system is running low on resources. F64D9DF9=No Compare F6BE2B07=Internal Editor F71EC315=Open log folder F728F615=&View F752474A=Are you sure you want to delete the selected folders? F76891D6=Transferring F7831CEF=Check for new version F790B417=Failed %s negotiation, disconnected F791D999=(soft abort) F7B0B433=Lookup F7DFFDB3=At most F7E0A358=Remember password for this session F89B45AD=Report a Bug F8AC28D7=Site to Site Method F8ADCA1E=&Start F94C20AD=Date Modified F9621528=The serial number you have supplied to FlashFXP is invalid. F97575A5=Use to edit file F976DAF5=Anonymous FTP E-mail Address F99998B1=Logging in F9D2C080=Key Based FA2343E3=Bookmarks FA43B896=Unable to import cmd.dat, file is corrupted. FA6F25A3=Event FA7A9B90=&Horizontal FA90587D=File Transfer Rule FA9352E3=Are you ready to upload the file? FAA1136A=No results found FAD876FB=Background (offline) FAEE9371=Separately set File and Folder Attributes FB0BEA30=Note: The server must provide a Unix-like shell and the shell must use same path syntax as current SFTP session. FB5CA236=Automatic File Transfers FB82E709=&Paste FBB9FF8A=Previous FBC596DD=not supported by all servers FC4B61DF=Don't convert FCD179C9=Preserve File Date FCD3A165=Prompts FCEFB441=All languages are installed and up to date FD4F8317=Check FDC62D31=Size Format FDD2CF0A=Close unused server connections during transfer FDEE89B3=Word Wrap FDF0C482=Secure File Listing FE11D138=Name FE181A16=Compare Date FE20E6F8=Connection not allowed by ruleset FE38BE5A=Opening data connection IP: %s PORT: %s FEFC1AFB=Download additional languages FF455C43=Default download folder FF4C3FF5=Please check the file permissions and try again. FFC54540=Unknown private key format FFDD0216=IF FFF15854=Under Status FFF2DFCD=Use previous Setting